With Christmas Around the Corner, Cherries are Perfect for the Season!

As the festive season rolls in cherries are coming into their prime. They’re are not only packed with flavour but they also evoke a sense of holiday cheer. 

For us, the best drink to work with seasonal fruit is the Cobbler – a versatile and easy-to-make cocktail that serves as a perfect canvas for incorporating the rich, sweet flavours of cherries into a bar's menu.

Its basic structure – a fortified wine, fruit, and sweetener – allows for endless creativity, making it an ideal choice for showcasing seasonal ingredients. With cherries taking centre stage, the Cobbler becomes a low-cost, deliciously drinkable cocktail.


Cherry Cobbler Recipe:


90ml Økar Tropic

5 Pitted Cherries

15ml Sugar Syrup


Muddle the pitted cherries with Økar Tropic and sugar syrup in a mixing glass. Shake all ingredients over ice until well chilled. Strain the mixture into a chilled glass with fresh ice.

Garnish the cocktail with a Morello cherry for an added festive touch.

This simple Cherry Cobbler recipe showcases how effortlessly cherries can be incorporated into a seasonal cocktail menu. The combination of Økar Tropic's tropical flavours with the sweetness of cherries creates a delicious blend that is easy and refreshing.