Sgroppinos Are Your Perfect Party Drink!

Sgroppinos Are Your Perfect Party Drink!

Whether you're hosting Christmas parties or enjoying a rooftop session, finding the ideal drink to complement the occasion can be a lot. That’s why the Sgroppino – a delicious, super fun cocktail thats not only refreshing but also has an element of interactivity is absolutely perfect. 

What makes the Sgroppino so perfect for all occasions is its sheer simplicity. Comprising just a few key ingredients, it’s easy to whip up, allowing you to focus on entertaining guests rather than labouring over cocktails. The basic recipe typically involves combining a spirit or a liqueur, sorbet, and prosecco or sparkling wine. However, the beauty of the Sgroppino lies in its adaptability to various flavours, making it a versatile option for any flavour preference.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Sgroppino is the wide array of flavours that can be incorporated into the drink. From classic lemon or lime sorbet to more exotic choices like mango, passionfruit, or even mandarin, the possibilities are endless. This means you can even tailor the cocktail to suit the theme of their event or simply cater to the preferences of your guests.

For us, we love using Økar Bitter for its refreshing juiciness, plus the bitter element counteracts the sweetness of your sorbet. 


Sgroppino Recipe:


45ml Økar Bitter

1 large scoop of Mandarin Sorbet (other recommended flavors: mango and passionfruit sorbet)

Sparkling wine or pet nat


In a cocktail shaker, combine Økar Bitter and the scoop of sorbet. Shake the ingredients until the sorbet has melted and blended well. Pour the mixture into a coupe glass. Top it off with sparkling wine or pet nat.

For an extra indulgence, garnish with another scoop of sorbet.

This simple and delicious recipe encapsulates the essence of the Sgroppino – an adaptable, refreshing, and flexible drink that elevates any menu!