Grapefruit is Back in Season Baby!

Seasonal drinking is all about capturing the natural flavours available during different times of the year. It's an approach that lets you enjoy local, fresh ingredients while also being kind to your wallet.

It ensures that you're using ingredients when they're at their tastiest, making your drinks vibrant, juicy and perfect for the weather. Additionally, seasonal produce is often cheaper and easier to find, helping you create a budget-friendly menu. Plus, by using local ingredients that are in season, you're supporting local farmers and reducing your environmental impact – it's a win-win situation that promotes sustainability.

Right now, we're in the midst of Ruby Grapefruit season, and it's a fantastic addition to cocktails. Its tangy, citrusy flavour can brighten up both light and strong drinks. Whether you use it for a zesty garnish or create a fresh grapefruit syrup, there are countless possibilities. The Ruby Grapefruit can add that extra zing to your cocktails, making them more exciting and complex.

Speaking of cocktails, let's share a simple yet delightful recipe for a Ruby Grapefruit Cobbler:



90ml Økar Tropic
1 Ruby Grapefruit
15ml Sugar Syrup

In a shaker, combine 90ml of Økar Tropic, 2-3 slices of your grapefruit, 15ml ugar syrup and ice.
Shake vigorously until it's icy cold.
Strain the mixture into a glass filled with pebble ice.
Garnish with a slice of Ruby Grapefruit, and you're ready to enjoy!