Get Stunnin' with a Sbagliato

Originally coming from a beautiful mistake, the Sbagliato has had a new burst of life - and just like any good follow-up series, the Økar Sbagliato exists in the same universe but with a little extra spice. 

Funnily enough, this drink was first made in the 1980s when bartender Mirko Stocchetti, the owner of Bar Basso in Milan, grabbed Spumante instead of gin when making a Negroni. You can still grab a Sbagliato from Bar Basso - just a hot tip for all the Aussies in Europe at the moment. 

Now of course, with its most recent viral moment, everyone thinks that a Sbagliato is just a Negroni… with prosecco in it - but traditionally it's made with sparkling wine rather than the specific prosecco variety, but we’re not really one’s for old traditions here.  

With the combo of native Australian ingredients in Økar Island Bitter, get ready for your Sbagliato to have some aromatic juiciness that is the ultimate refreshment after a hard day at the office, and might even start a new tradition for knock-offs!

Three-ingredient cocktails are always about balance - so follow this foolproof recipe to get some joy in your life.

The Økar Sbagliato

  • 15ml Økar Island Bitter
  • 30ml Unico Yuzu Sweet Vermouth
  • 90ml Prosecco* 

Build your ingredients in a wine glass and then fill it with ice. Garnish with a healthy orange slice.

*Genuinely, you can use any sparkling wine you want - we’ve just used prosecco here to be hotly ironic. Take it to flavour town by using a pet-nat of your choice or give it some Kardashian in Milan vibes by keeping it super traditional