Fresh Market Update - Strawberries Are Back!

You know us - we love drinking seasonally.

Seasonal drinking is all about seizing the flavours that nature serves up throughout the year. It's an awesome way to enjoy fresh, local ingredients while keeping your wallet happy.

It's all about using ingredients when they're at their tastiest, making your drinks pop with flavour and perfectly suited to the current weather. Plus, seasonal ingredients are usually easier on your budget and simpler to find, making it easy to whip up some budget-friendly drinks. And the best part? You're supporting local farmers and being eco-friendly by going for what's in season. It's a win-win deal that keeps sustainability in mind.

Right now, we're in strawberry season, and they're the bomb in cocktails. Their sweet, juicy flavour is just what you need for refreshing drink that suits the hot summer we're about to have. Whether you toss them in as a garnish or cook up a fresh strawberry syrup, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of cocktails, here's a simple but super tasty Strawberry Cobbler recipe:


90ml Økar Tropic
2 Ripe Strawberries
15ml Sugar Syrup

Get ready for some fun! In a shaker, mix 90ml of Økar Tropic with those plump, juicy strawberries and a splash of sugar syrup. Add ice to the mix, and then shake that thing like you're at a dance party until it's super chill.

Now, pour the deliciousness into a glass filled with crushed ice, creating a refreshing cocktail. Finish it off with a strawberry slice, and you're all set to enjoy!

With this Strawberry Cobbler, you're not just drinking; you're celebrating the changing seasons and having a blast with flavors that match the weather.