Whether you’re at your favourite bar or just in the mood for a seriously smooth tipple. An Økar Negroni (we say Neg-Roo-Ni because...Straya) is the perfect go-to cocktail. It’s punchy, flavourful & ideal for those who are done with mediocre drinks & are ready to commit to something serious.  

You’ll Need

Let’s Do This

  1. Pour 30ml of Each Ingredient Over Ice.

  2. Stir For 20 Seconds.

  3. Strain Into A Tumbler Over A Large Chunk Of Ice (think 'Iceberg').

  4. Garnish With A Slice Of Orange.

  5. It's Friday night and your mates have bailed again! Not sure whether to wind up or wind down - either way, it's Økar Negroni time!