The Flynn Fizz - Økar

The Flynn Fizz

The spirit of the Aussie larrikin is one firmly sewn into the cultural fabric of modern Australia. Free wheeling, devil-may-care demeanours have immortalised themselves across all levels of the modern Australian story; from politicians - in Hawke and Keating, to sporting icons - in Lillee and Thomson. Although their exploits were sensational, no one embodied the true, ‘ye olde’ larrikin ideal better than Errol Flynn.

A leading man of Hollywood who’s debonair aura and classic looks belied the humble agricultural Tasmanian beginnings of his life, Flynn epitomised the rugged yet quick wit of the Australian larrikin. His reputation as a serious party animal and womaniser preceded him, (the term: ‘In like Flynn’ is said to have been coined to refer to the supreme ease with which he reputedly seduced women - Flynn was rather fond of the term) but more notably, Flynn was also a keen lover of booze and had a serious penchant for Champagne, Pastis and Whiskey.  

This cocktail is an homage to the gregarious man that was Errol Flynn. Notably attractive from afar, but come closer to be seduced by its complexity and effervescence. 

The bones of this drink are essentially a hybrid of two classics: the Tom Collins and the Aperol Spritz. The Økar Gold lays a full bodied, herbal base, which not only gives the cocktail structure but also almost all of the sweetness in the drink. The lemon juice is there for acidity and to lift the citric notes of the blanc de blanc. CAPI Native Tonic elevates the strawberry gum and rich wattle seed to give layered balance to the cocktail and also a final hint of sweetness. The blanc de blanc is actually the lynch pin of the whole combination. It gives us a hint of sourness and bread-y subtlety while also tying all of the other elements of the cocktail together. 

Mysterious and enticing - and masking a fair amount of booze - this cocktail is the perfect tribute to the man, the myth, the maverick: Errol Flynn.

The Flynn Fizz

45ml Økar Gold
15ml Lemon Juice
30ml Capi Native Tonic
60ml Harvest Blanc de Blanc
2 dashes of Orange Bitters

Build in a Wine Glass 
Fill with ice and garnish with a Kaffir Lime Leaf or Geraldton Wax